To help companies be flexible and nimble to allow focus to stay on growth and not administration. To allow visionaries and entrepreneurs do what they do best!


To be regarded by our client’s as a trusted advisor and business partner with a focus on strategy and growth. We will do this by providing quality work and outstanding customer service through our knowledge, expertise and experience.


Every client is unique. Every client faces his or her challenges. In today’s market place when providing consulting services one cannot take a cookie cutter approach. Advisors like his client need to be nimble and flexible. The ability to combine theory with practicality is vital. We create customized programs to fit each of our client’s needs whether they need us to take over all HR services; address one specific need; or help grow revenue inside and outside the business. Most importantly we don’t just advise we also help execute and drive towards the goal.


Utilizing GRG for HR support makes sense on many levels. The key to any business is to be able to respond to market demand. Whether that means ramping up services when needed (blitz hiring, open enrollment period, turnover, active HR projects) or scale back in order to adjust for market corrections.

Our service is tailored to allow our clients to focus on running and growing their business. Nothing is more frustrating that having to worry about being in compliance and whether their people are taken care of. Taking into account company culture we shape our services around supporting the goals and operations of each of our client.

Certain clients have a need for ongoing involvement others just need a quick project or training completed. Whichever it is we tailor the pricing to the scope of the work and the need of the client.

For many of our clients there is no need to hire a full time HR department or it may be cost prohibitive. For these clients we function as their HR department in an outsourced capacity yet we pride ourselves in being visible in the work setting to build report with the employees and management.  Our experience show that giving employees an opportunity to ask questions or vent frustration allow small issue to stay small and keep the focus on building the business.

We bring a combined 30 year of experience in running HR departments; Providing HR partnership: Management Consulting and hands-on running a business with focus on P&L and the bottom line.

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