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The Green Ridge Group (GRG) are seasoned experts in bringing global businesses into the United States with confidence, cost-efficiency and ease. The GRG specializes in getting you through the bureaucratic red tape often associated with these expansions.

The GRG can act as your external “transition” department to provide:

  • Administrative Support
  • Structure & Guidance
  • Office Space Procurement
  • Setting up Bank Accounts
  • Hiring Talent
  • Assuring Adherence to Regulatory Compliance of HR Policies
  • And much more

If needed, GRG can remain involved for ongoing business administration support.

Having worked with some of the most recognized companies in the world, the Green Ridge Group is poised to handle all the legalities of bringing into and supporting businesses in the US.

Bring your valued product or service into the United States and grow your global business and brand. You can focus on driving revenue and we’ll handle everything else.


email: malte@grg-intl.com
phone: (908) 500-7724